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Ed O’Brien From Radiohead


On October 9, Matt Everett got Ed O’Brien on his show “The First Time With …” on the BBC 6.

The rule of the program depends on the meeting certainty, where every visitor fits the session of “first times”. Every issue is a chance to survey the key snapshots of the visitor’s profession with a couple of tales.

A short audit of this scene in full on the BBC6 site: First time with …

Furthermore on the phenomenal youtube station of CmonTakeTheStairs which accumulates a genuinely entire history of the documents of radio and TV entries of Radiohead:

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The O’Brien house was shaken by music and her dad made a week by week synopsis of the main 40 English outlines on a tape. The family took after the British show “Top of the Pops” and his first “memory” collection was “Extension over troubled water” by Simon and Garfunkel (1971




In his entourage, nobody played the electric guitar, and neither he nor his friends knew how to get an electric guitar. His affinities and his relationship to the guitar has asserted itself around the sonic aspect; He cites in particular the piece of Police “walking on the moon” whose chords, voicings and chainings impressed him very much


But his major influence will remain Johnny Marr of the Smiths “has massive influence on me” The first song of the Smiths who scored it is “what difference does it make?” On the first eponymous album of the band, where we also find the second single “This charming man”, where he admits to be hardly rubbed Guitar parts tinted with chorus, and other 7th chords.


He also cites The Edge and Will sergeant (echo and the bunnymen) for their minimalist, worked but effective play. THE MEETING WITH OTHER GROUP MEMBERS Phil The enigmatic, one year his elder, he was already drummer in the coolest group of high school, “Django telegraph” that he saw him play in the famous pub of Oxford the “Jericho tavern”, pub In which he will play with them (in what will not yet Radiohead). Colin The first meeting with Colin was made with a badge of New order that he wore on his jacket. Thom Contact little easy, a defensive guy ( “Thom was fightback”) aggressive limit who was taking the same bus as his sister Anna. Besides, for the little anecdote, Thom was secretly in love with his sister; He had read on a written desk this epitaph “Thom Yorke loves anna o brien”. Jonny From 4 years his junior, he was always in the shadow of his brother, a guy who grew up all of a sudden, and who was always taller than the others in his class. FIRST GROUP We have Friday (the group rehearsed in the halls of the lycée on Friday) the first great memory of the adventure of the group goes back to the summer 1986 at Phil. Using a 4-track, a handful of songs had been recorded, and the songs contained lovely lyrics inspired by their daily lives and life in general. “June weekend” or “The fat girl” sounded like the Smiths, and something strong had come out. This episode was a revelation for the group ( “it was like an epiphany, this it”). University studies, strongly influenced by art and music, only “delayed” the group’s flourishing future, as all were convinced that it was their thing and that there was a sum of money Work to be done to achieve this goal.


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THE FIRST TIME WHEN THEY TAKE AWARENESS OF THEIR POTENTIAL Without denigrating Pablo Honey, it is the time of the 2E album (and its long and epic recording, NDLR) which according to him will condition the suite and lead the group to the peaks. “The Bends” is a response to the productions of the era of “Brit Pop”, to groups of a day / album “One-day wonders”. Each song was considered as a potential single and they tried to make a good song with each recording, even if to work and rework what they had done. The numerous concerts of the time (nearly 300 concerts between 1993 and 1995, Ed) were the opportunity to meet and play with many groups including Massive Attack: “WE WOULD LIKE TO RING LIKE A MASSIVE ATTACK [BECAUSE THEY HAD MADE A CLAQUE IN CONCERT, AND RECIPROCALLY, THEY WOULD ALSO WANT TO MEET THESE ALSO HAD KIFFÉ OUR JOB”


The interview also provided an opportunity to review the group’s career, including the OK Computer period. An “exciting, rich and magical” period, according to him, where “everything that you are going to do will sound” (They were able to complete in 3 days the recording of Climbing up the walls and Let down in live conditions ). Thanks to the work, concerts and the recording of “The Bends” (which allowed them to tour the United States several times), the recording began “on the road and on the occasion of dead times between concerts “. It was “No surprises” that was the first recorded song for the album and will be the opportunity for them (and Nigel Godrich NDLR) to experiment and invest in nomadic recording equipment to no longer be Depending on the constraints of a studio and adapting to an environment and their creativity.


The fact of having made 14 concerts in 1st part of Alanis Morissette in the USA was also decisive for the album. They were able to test “live” what were only models at the time: 18 pieces that they could articulate around Creep so that they could test what would work or not, so they mastered their subject. For the anecdote, he talks about a 12-minute experimental version of “Paranoid Android” with a Jonny Hammond organ final (reread the notes on the recording of the album on the site



Ed's first connection with Brazil and Brazilian music goes back to the post-tour period OK Computer, in 1998, where morale is not particularly good.

Despite the fact of having lived a period pomp and revolutionary for him and the group with its new status of group "unavoidable of the moment". A "stupefying" ballad with a compilation of "bossa" music in his ears will be a revelation for him: a kind of connection with himself, and his state of mind imprinted at that moment with a sweet melancholy.

Like the South American "Saudade", a spleen exorcised with melodic and joyful music, like the "tube" Bossa by Jorge Ben Jor "Take It Easy My Brother Charles